Naim Iskandar

Professional, game programmer.

Professional game programmer with 2 years of working experience in the development pipeline. Seeking the opportunity to leverage programming and analytical skills in database management to provide data-driven solutions.

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Open for – full time employment.

Data Science
Portfolio site

Naim create his own Data Science Portfolio site during Data Science Uncut Bootcamp.

Sales Forecasting

The project explores relationship between variables and using Linear Regression from SciKit Learn to predict the expected sales performance based on the budget distribution across 3 different social media platforms(Facebook, Instagram and Google) and evaluate the performance of the machine learning model itself.

Telco Churn Analysis

Using the Decision Tree Classifier from the SciKit Learn library, the decision tree is able to predict if the customer will continue to use the service based on the current lifestyle and consumer habits.

Disneyland Reviews with Sentiment Analysis

The project explores importing huge dataset and an image file into a python project using Google Colab. Using the Sentiment Intensity Analyzer from the NLTK library, the analyzer is able to identify the sentiment of the reviews from the park visitors and then, it is sorted from the most positive review to the most negative review.

Disneyland Rating

This python project explores the Disneyland reviews dataset from Kaggle. The goal of the project is to identify individual visitor ratings with relations to the country of origin, park location, date of visit and median rating.