Khairudin Yaacob

Business Development, Oil & gas industry.

I hold a Bachelor’s in Accounting & Finance from University of Kent. My previous work is in accounting & finance related and now in BD. I’m looking for opportunities to put good use of my interpersonal and analytical skills.

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Open for – full time employment.

Data Science
Portfolio site

Khairudin create his own Data Science Portfolio site during Data Science Uncut Bootcamp.

Telco Churn Analysis

Using Data Analytic Techniques To Visualize Telco Churn

Social Media Ads Analysis

Forecasting Budget For Social Media Ads

Word Clouds

Making Word Clouds Based On Trump Tweets

HR Dashboard

Create Online Dashboard Google Data Studio To Analyse HR Atrition

Sentiment Analysis

For this project, Khairudin interested with evaluating ratings/reviews in TripAdvisor website by using Sentiment Analysis.